An NLP perspective on change – Is it private?

by | May 16, 2022

Tools for Change.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a collection of tools that allows change to occur in how you go about your life. That is, it allows you to re-pattern your neurology to provide new options for behaviours and responses in your life.

What if my issue is deeply personal in nature?

One question put to me recently was, “How invasive is the technique; how personal does it get when I want to discuss uncomfortable issues in my life?”

The answer I gave was, “I don’t need to know the details; you need to know the details. You need to know the details and you can keep them in your head – I don’t need to know what they are”. In summary, NLP process maintains your privacy. Details are not required.

NLP focusses on the process of your neurology, the how you do what you do and not the what it is that you do. It helps if there is a context provided to establish a basis for our communication during the process, and this is high level (and vague) and away from the detail of specifics.

So what does it mean – focus on the process?

NLP uses how your experience is coded in your neurology in terms of the qualities of how the experience is stored in your memory.

If there is an image, NLP looks to the image qualities such as, colour, movement, focus, if you are in it or not, on a screen, and so on.  

The feeling or body sensation area is also important for NLP processes, and we look to how an experience affects your body. Do you experience heat or cold, pressure, tightness, clenching and so on and importantly where does it occur in your body?

Similarly we check the auditory and self-talk modalities and sometimes the smell and taste modalities.

There are many NLP techniques that can then be employed to adjust these qualities so that a new pathway of response can be generated. The NLP technique selected is based on the individual to best support the change.

What is changed is found from within the individual. My role is to facilitate the process to allow your neurology to adapt and discover what will best suit your need. NLP processes also check to ensure that the change made is supportive of other aspects of your life.

What sort of changes can NLP support?

I have provided NLP support to individuals with issues such as:

  • Sporting performance (swimming, motocross, athletics, personal training)
  • Bad habit adjustments (such as speeding and road rage)
  • Learning and exam performance
  • Relationship matters
  • Work issues (such as performance, stress and bullying)
  • Limitations from past experience (what we bring from our childhood experiences or past dramas)
  • Self-esteem and self-worth, which links to personal performance
  • Effective goal setting

How can you find out more?

Through my website, you can book a FREE 30 minute discovery session where we can discuss what you are seeking support with. If I believe NLP can assist and you want to continue we can decide how to proceed from there. It’s all up to you!