Disappearing Pain

by | Jul 18, 2022

My Analogy of Pain

Pain in my view of the world has two or maybe three main components.

  1. The physical
  2. The emotional/mental
  3. The spiritual

The process to Disappear pain is focused on the emotional and mental component. It means that pain may not disappear completely if there is a physical component like a strain or broken bone, or infection. What the process does affect is the emotional intensification of the pain through the level of anxiety and stress that may accompany it. In some cases like headaches, it can Disappear the pain completely. I have also seen significant reduction in pain for people suffering migraines.

How to DO IT

Find a quiet space and focus on your pain. Then answer the following series of questions. They may sound a bit strange in relation to your pain, but answer with what first comes to mind.

Hint: It may help if you have a friend ask these questions so that you can stay focussed on the pain.

  1. Rank your pain on a scale of zero to 10 where zero = no pain and 10 is the end of the world.
  2. Describe the location of the pain. (Sometimes it can feel like it goes beyond your body.)
  3. What is the shape of the pain? (eg like a disk)
  4. How big is the pain? (eg like a basket ball)
  5. What colour is the Pain?
  6. What texture does the pain have? (eg Rough, spikey, smooth etc)
  7. How hard is the pain? (eg like Jelly, like a rock etc)
  8. What is the rank of your pain now on a scale of 0 to 10?
  9. If the rank has decreased significantly or is around 2, you can stop. If not cycle back through the questions starting at question 2. Where there is a change in the answer, acknowledge it and then move on.

A Final Word

You may still have some pain left; this will most likely be the physical component. If you still have significant and ongoing pain, see you medical professional for advice. Pain is a message that says, “There is a problem, attend to me”. Do as your body commands and attend to the pain.