Guiding VALUES in our life.

by | Jun 6, 2022

Are you ready to discover your values?

In this post I have an exercise for you … if you’re brave enough to take it on. It is quite simple. It helps you see what you truly value in your life.

The Importance of VALUES.

Values we hold are very important, because they generate our beliefs about the world we live in and these in turn create the behaviours we use to interact with our world. Different values generate different beliefs and result in the actions we see expressed in the world. If values vary greatly between individuals it is likely that conflict will ensue.

Step 1 for you

Step 1 for you now, is to make a list of the values (say about ten) you hold to be important for you. There is no right and wrong answers here. This is just information.  I’ll list a few values that you may want to consider in your list to get you started. Remember, Values are what you hold to be important for you.


Step 2

Step 2 is to rank your value list from most important at #1 to the least important at #10 or so.  To do this, take the first value you wrote down, let’s say it was Integrity. Now compare this to the next on your list and ask, “Is Integrity more important than Wealth?” If you answer yes, then Integrity stays at the top of the list and then you ask the same for the next in the list, Family. If you answer is “no”, then Family moves to the top of the list. Continue this process until you have compared each value with the others and ranked them.

Now, step 3

Step 3 requires that you make estimates of how much time (in action and thought) and how much money you spend on each of the values you have listed. Use a percentage (guess it) of what you would spend in a month or a year on each one.

You may find that some items require time and not money and vice-versa.

Set up a table like the one below.

RankValue$ spentTime SpentTOTAL
1Family 30% 10% 40
 And so on to the end of your list   

Step 4

Step 4 is to look at the results. The larger the number in the Total column the more you spend your resource on these values.  Does your perception of your value ranking match the resource spent?

If it does, congratulations you are among the few who are aware of your deeper self. If not, congratulations, you are aware now of where you can begin to bring yourself into balance with your deeper self.

Please let me know!

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