Introduction to my blog

by | May 16, 2022


Having passed through my website to this blog, you probably picked up that my name is Peter Ganser. When introducing ourselves in our society we often start by stating our job title, family status, educational standard achieved and the like. What we are doing is telling others how we do our life. We limit this to what our culture thinks are the important points. It tells nothing of who we are, of our dreams, our loves, our fears.

I dream to help

Well, for me, one of my dreams is to help others grow in their potential, to help them to find new patterns in their behaviours so that they can create a more fulfilled life.  That is what my website (associated with my personal development business) and blog is aimed at achieving, and so I hope that is what you will find.

What’s in the blog?

The content in my blog is based on my experience in life as a father, husband, brother, uncle, friend, student, engineer, boss, subordinate, maverick, trouble maker etc. and much reading and learning in the area of behaviour and in particular NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The blog reflects my ideas and experience. The content is not intended as therapy or as answers specific for any individual who reads it.

I hope though, that the blog content makes you think more deeply and generates self-evaluation and introspection, so that you discover more about your motivations and desires and to inspire you to grow on a personal level. You may wish to explore this with me through the services I provide, or find others to help you on your path. Whatever you choose, let it be for your benefit and through your growth benefit those you touch.

We, who make up this world, can do far better; let’s make it so!

Footnote: Me as a Human Doing

For those who need to satisfy their curiosity about how I am doing my life I offer this bit of insight.

I come from an engineering background in heavy industry and had a dabble in local government. I discovered early that technology does not make success in projects, but rather people do. Hence I found NLP as a tool to improve my success in engineering projects. From here I discovered that I get real satisfaction when helping people to grow personally and so I transitioned to NLP mindset mentoring today.

I do this online (as well as face to face for nearby locals) from my home in the hills around Mount Warning in Northeast NSW Australia. I live in a comfortable home that is energy efficient and with independent water supply from the site. I also have a large shed that allows me to tinker and create.

I share my home with my wife and two adult children.

Another footnote

Please email me and let me know what you have found to be helpful in my posts. Also let me know if you are interested in something that I could blog about in general terms. I would rather write on topics that I know are of interest to you.

I am aiming at at least one new post every month and with ideas on topics from you, I could get really excited and do more. Email soon!

Remember, BE MORE – it’s up to you! Your life, your choice!