Magnificence Starts Early.

by | May 30, 2022

I did this?

Have you ever considered how you put together all the strategies, processes and understandings that enable you to interface with the world?

We all started out as pretty much a blank slate, except for our basic physiological processes for survival. So here we have a baby; a baby in charge of taking in the information it is presented with to begin structuring its life and responses to stimulus, to survive; a baby that is programming the super biological computer in its’ own head – what we call the brain. The baby’s programming knowledge is based on mimicking and trial and error in response to its environment and how best to survive, grow and maybe thrive. The environment is largely controlled by adults with minor players poking in from the sides to varying degrees, like siblings, relatives, neighbours, pets, peers and so forth.  A dynamic and infinitely varying environment for each baby exists and so a unique response in programming is achieved for each.

Science has told us that neural behavioural pathways (our programs) are largely formed by age of 7 and become pretty set by age 9. Of course, science is changing its understanding almost daily in this area, like some years back we were told neurons are not replaced if damaged. Now we know they are. We also now know about Neuro Plasticity that allows for adaption and growth throughout our life.

(I wonder how the CEO’s of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and so on would feel about allowing a baby to program their computers based on feedback from the environment s/he lives in.)

What if …. ?

What would it be like if we had competent teachers showing us as babies how to optimally program our brain? What if we could examine and edit our programs as adults to improve our performance in ways we wanted. But wait, where can we find competent adults that can teach us how to program our brains? Aren’t we all the same, programmed the same way, by happenstance and chance?

Can I upgrade?

Well, yes, and you can start by identifying what is not working well and work on it. There have been many people over the centuries that have stepped past their limitations and learnt new pathways to follow – for their neurons and hence in their life. We can use their experience as a leg-up to help us along. That is to say, we can mimic more capable others for our programming or find others who can help change and upgrade our programs.

We can find new pathways by following spiritual teachings, physical disciplines and therapies, or mental disciplines and therapies (e.g. NLP). What matters is that you find the method that suits you best at the present moment, knowing that this may change as you grow.

Underlying all of this is the following understanding: