Mind and Body Together

by | Aug 1, 2022

Body Awareness

We live active lives in today’s world. So active that our minds range outward to the busy day/s before us. Our outward view reduces awareness of self, including awareness of our body.

The Mind Body Loop

Many of you would have heard of the mind-body loop that describes the connection between mind and body. What we think and believe is reflected in body physiology and behaviours. Check it for yourself by observing those around you. Can you identify the sad, the angry, the content, the happy, the pained the relaxed and so on? Sure you can, it is all in how they appear (face and body) and how they talk, gesture and behave. So we know that state of mind is reflected in our body.

Closing the Loop

Okay, you might say, “Yeah, I know that! So what?”

Well, have you thought about closing the loop? By that I mean, just as mind and thought influences body and behaviour, body and behaviour can influence mind and thought. By consciously adjusting your body posture you are able to directly change your mind state.

The Mind Body Loop

Resourceful Posture

So what should your body posture be like to positively support you?

Try the following for a standing resourceful posture.

  • Feet- spaced at shoulder width
  • Knees- unlocked
  • Pelvis- rotated forward – yeah, thrust it out there.
  • Belly- relaxed
  • Chest- full breaths, open and expanded
  • Shoulders- rolled back and relaxed in a down position and arms relaxed
  • Head- chin slightly down (extends back of neck slightly), jaw relaxed, eyes straight ahead.

Check in with yourself and notice how you “feel”. Do you feel more empowered and resourceful? Try making fine adjustments to your posture and release any tensions you find until you feel the best you can. If you want to try walking with this resourceful physiology, make your walk determined, like you’re on a mission and know where you are heading. Keep checking through your body to keep your posture optimised.

Now we can BIOHACK – The Self-Edit

We now have the building blocks for a biohack, the NLP way.

Bring to mind a personal issue you have (start with a small one).

Remain mindful of your posture and allow yourself to mentally immerse into the issue, and all the time remain mindful of your posture. Keep at it until you notice a shift of some sort. Often people notice a shiver or small jolt. This indicates that something has changed in your perception of the issue. The issue itself will still be there AND you will also notice that your attitude toward it has changes as well as your ability to address it.

You have used your resourceful posture to overwrite the coding in your mind that limited your potential to address the issue.

What Else?

Whenever you get stuck in what you are doing or in a down state, check your posture. Shift to a resourceful posture and notice new pathways opening to you.

And remember, It is ALWAYS Your Choice!

How will you choose to be?