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What is Personal Growth?

Personal Growth Mentoring

Personal growth is often about identifying aspects of your life in which you feel restricted, stuck or limited. Once you understand these obstacles, the focus shifts to overcoming, moving past, or finding a balance that helps you to achieve your goals.

How Can I Help You?

Your Personal Growth Mentor

Your own personal growth will come from exploring areas in your life where you feel limited or restricted in some way. We will explore options available to you using a well developed set of NLP tools and techniques that will help expand your choices in thought and behaviour, enabling you to extend your limits to new levels of being.

NLP Tools Allow:

Effective goal setting
Adjusting un-useful responses to stimuli such as anger and stress triggers
Moving past limiting beliefs such as around learning and public speaking
Anchoring mind states for optimum performance such as in sports or skill performance areas
Understanding more about you and enabling you to be responsible for your choices
Understanding more about others
The realisation that you are in charge of creating your outcomes …. your future
And much more

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
– Carl Jung

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It was created in the 1970s and has been refined and extended every year since.

In a nutshell, it is a set of techniques that can be used to change the qualities of how we store our experiences inside ourselves.

The qualities represent the manner in which we will respond to similar events in the future as well as how we feel about them.

When the qualities are changed our response and feelings will also be changed. If we have outdated responses or ineffective responses, we can create new more effective ones. Follow this link to read more about NLP.

What This Involves For You


We begin with a FREE 30 minute discovery session to allow you to outline your needs and to explore my service fit for you at no risk to you.

If we decide to work together, we will establish a program to address your needs.

The program is based around 60 minute sessions online (Zoom).

Email and phone contact is available between sessions if needed.

There may be between session actions for you to undertake to support your program.

This Personal Growth Mentoring session will help you:


Discover Your Real Behaviour Drivers

A past client arrived and explained she wanted to do something about her weight. During our discovery session, we identified significant issues arising from a dominant abusive mother. On further discussion, it became clear that she had developed issues around her self-esteem and worth. Our sessions addressed this and as we came to the end of the program, I asked,
“what about your weight?”
“Oh”, she replied casually, “that will take care of itself.”


Discover How You Present to the World

(and how the world responds back).

In western cultures about 40% of people present as VISUAL to the world, 40% as KINESTHETIC, 15% as AUDITORY, 5% as SELF TALK, and a smidgeon as OLFACTORY or GUSTATORY.
When we understand the characteristics of each we can communicate far more effectively and create better understanding and tolerance with those around us.


Discover the Connection Between Your Body and Mind State

(and how to use this to achieve excellence)

Ignore your body at your peril. It is powerful and is your only means of sticking around on this planet.
Your body is directly linked to your state of mind (and vice versa). It also provides over 30% of any communication you make in the world – as in body language. It often betrays the words you use and causes an interesting response from the world around us when it does.


Discover Your relationship with TIME

In an ever increasing level of pressure in our lives, time seems to be insufficient.
How you relate to time is a mindset and can be adjusted to ease this burden.


Discover how to link into your moments of excellence

Remember when you did something really well or performed at your personal best?
The mindset you had can then be re-accessed to support your next performance of excellence.


Discover how to recode experiences

By recoding how we store our memories (of experience) we can influence the way we respond or perform in the future in similar circumstances.


Discover your true values

Values reside closely with our identities, who we really are.  What we say our values are is often not what we show through what we actually do. Discovering our true values can help direct our lives effectively.


Discover how language can limit your options

The words we use reflect our beliefs and values at a deep level. By expressing in negative ways we direct our unconscious on a less optimal path. Using positive expression leads to a better path and a better response from those near our path.


Discover how you want to be!

Your full commitment to YOUR change is required in order to be effective. You cannot change others; only affect their response to you. The good news is that YOUR change is YOUR choice and you and only you can make it happen.


If you want something different, you must change. The world will respond to your change. If you do not get what you want, then change some more. 

So what is it that YOU want?


With just one phone call, amazingly, you’ve been able to assist me to perform beyond my previous personal best in strength training. Your understanding of how my thought processes work was the key factor in breaking this deadlock. Now, I have a whole different mental tool box to allow me to break through my self- imposed barriers.

Rick – Personal Trainer

My eczema has caused some embarrassment over the years but now with your help it is great. I will admit I do scratch at myself every now and then, but all I have to do is remember our session we had and the itching stops.
I know a lot of people would be sceptical of this sort of treatment, but I would recommend Neuro Linguistic Programming to anyone, who has any stress related condition.

Janine-Administration Officer

Are you ready to level up your life?

If you are ready to take charge of your decisions and see positive change in your life, we can arrange a free 30 minute consultation session. Making this simple no risk choice will be the first step in reaching your goals and unlocking your future.

My Personal Growth Story

My Journey

It took me many years to understand just how powerful my unconscious mind is. It also took many years to understand how faithfully my unconscious mind created my reality.

My biggest challenge was now to program my unconscious mind to create the outcomes I truly desire. That was my challenge! What is it I desire? Is that my desire or my family’s/parent’s or spouse’s, or peer’s and so on?

Exploring our inner world is needed to discover and create our outer world.
What are my values … really, the ones I truly hold and not society or family expectations? What do I believe to be true? What self-image do I hold?

All these questions and more need exploring because they create our outer world. If we want change (without) we need to change these (within).

What I have discovered is that the home I now live in is the outcome of past effective goal setting. My adventures in opal mining were outcomes based on “dreams” I had of prospecting. And working with you is an outcome of addressing my fears to put myself “out there”.

So, are you ready for YOUR new adventure?

My Commitment To You

My Promise

If you are ready to take charge of your decisions and see positive change in your life, we can arrange a free 30 minute consultation session. Making this simple no risk choice will be the first step in reaching your goals and unlocking your future.

In this session we will:

Take the time to understand aspects of your life where you are feeling restricted, stuck, or limited.
Find answers to the questions you need in order to grow.
Find the growth pathway that is right for you by creating a Personal Growth session plan should you wish to continue our sessions together.
I sincerely want to see you succeed and in your success I find mine.

Book Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation

If you are ready to take charge of your decisions and see positive change in your life, we can arrange a free 30 minute consultation session.