Happy Clients

Occupational Therapist

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Thank you for creating effective business systems and documentation that met the compliance needs of an NDIS audit for the registration of my OT business. Your ongoing at-need support for my sole trader business is a valuable tool to growing my successful business.

Personal Trainer

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With just one phone call, amazingly, you’ve been able to assist me to perform beyond my previous personal best in strength training. Your understanding of how my thought processes work was the key factor in breaking this deadlock. Now, I have a whole different mental tool box to allow me to break through my self- imposed barriers.

Personal Trainer

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On the odd occasion when I have noticed that when my speed has crept up a little I simply slow down – subconsciously. Our double NLP session has made a lasting change in my driving behaviour. Not to mention the cost savings in fines. The urge to take unnecessary risks has not returned and I am surprised at how easy NLP make a lasting change!

Administration Officer

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My eczema has caused some embarrassment over the years but now with your help it is great. I will admit I do scratch at myself every now and then, but all I have to do is remember our session we had and the itching stops.
I know a lot of people would be sceptical of this sort of treatment, but I would recommend Neuro Linguistic Programming to anyone, who has any stress related condition.

Business Entrepreneur

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Thank you for your much needed and much appreciated help in assisting me to get over my very painful separation with my partner of 25 years.
After being with someone for such a long time it is hard to put your past life behind you and move forward, but after several sessions with Peter using N.L.P. I have moved on with my life and formed a new relationship . This is great and also through Peter’s help I am able to be a good friend to my ex-wife and have a full and healthy relationship with my children.
Thanks Peter, The world needs more people like you!

Nathan’s Father

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I am proud that Nathan is now performing consistently in all his meets and this has allowed him to realise his full potential and ability though appropriate ATTITUDE, placing him currently (after 4 of 5 rounds of competition) in overall second position in the NSW competition in both the 250 cc and 500 cc class. {NSW Dirt Track Motorcycle Racing}
With his new state of mind, I am confident that he will maintain his current position and in all likelihood, move into first position in the near future.

Swim Coach

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When we began using NLP with Peter, he had a goal of representing Australia as a visually impaired swimmer at the World Championships in Spain. At that time, Peter did not have a qualifying time although his effort in training was high as was his potential, however after your sessions with Peter he began achieving personal bests. Previously his times only improved in increments of 0.1 or 0.2 seconds, then 0.7 and 1 second or more improvements occurred thus enabling Peter to achieve his goal in July representing Australia at Madrid.
Thank you for your continued support and count me as one of the believers in the benefits of NLP in sport.

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